“Two in five abortions occur in women who are regular church attendees. Over half reported either being Catholic or Protestant. This means the church is funding the abortion industry by millions of dollars a year.

Hope is pro-active in the fight to end abortion in our churches. We know how important it is for our ministry to work in hand with the church to affirm the values of life, sexual integrity, and God’s design for men, women, and families. That is why we are seeking partnerships with you as we work to plant seeds in our community.

How can you support? Help spread the word about our services! We are here to serve the church as well. Become an ambassador of Hope at your church or school. We offer classes to educate and equip your young women to embrace God’s design for their relationship and reproductive health. Developed by our Nurse Manager (RN) and Client Services Director, our Know Your Body, Know Your Worth class teaches the principles of how a woman’s reproductive cycle works and how it should be honored by understanding God’s design for relationships, sex, and marriage. Our Healthy Relationships class informs women (and men) on understanding themselves, communication fundamentals, and the difference between co-habitation and marriage. 

We cannot end abortion in the church without your support. We need to be actively countering the lies our youth are hearing in our culture and we stand ready to amplify these truths. Unlike many school systems in the area, our classes are designed to complement, not contradict, what the church is preaching regarding the freedom and joy that comes from welcoming God’s plan for men, women, and marriage. Contact us today at hope@hopeinnova.org to learn how we can offer these classes to your church or school today.”