Opening of Hope House, May 1982 with Falls Church Mayor, The Honorable Carol E. DeLong
610 Park Avenue, Falls Church Virginia 22046

52 Years of Giving Hope

Hope in Northern Virginia, Inc, a Christ-centered pregnancy center, has provided caring, confidential support and assistance to pregnant women for almost 52 years, by trained staff and volunteer counselors. The original founder, Dorothy Garrett, saw the need for such a pregnancy center back in the 1970’s in the wake of legislation and social acceptance of abortion.

Hope initially occupied a space above a 7 Stars convenience store in Falls Church near The State Theater. In the spring of 1982 Hope was given the home in 610 Park Avenue, where Hope initially provided residence to women facing crisis pregnancy centers. Over the years Hope transitioned to focus primarily on providing educational, material, and spiritual care to women vulnerable to abortion in the community.

As the pro-life movement evolved, so has Hope. With the desire to add medical services, including ultrasounds, Hope relocated to an office park building 30 seconds from the Falls Church abortion clinic.

While the services have evolved over the decades, Hope has always provided a welcoming and warm atmosphere to any woman who calls for an appointment or knocks on Hope’s doors. Hope believes that the best way to help the unborn child is to help the mother and her family. Hope is committed to support women not only through their crisis pregnancy, but for life by offering continuing care on site and connecting them with caring and supportive resources in the community.

All services are free.

It is the love and concern of our staff and volunteers for all who enter that is the heart of Hope. It is the stewardship and generosity of people like you who make the work possible. Come and see for yourself how Hope empowers women to choose life!