Sexual Integrity –   We offer classes to educate and equip your young women to embrace God’s design for their relationship and reproductive health. Developed by our Nurse Manager (RN) and Client Services Director, our Know Your Body, Know Your Worth class teaches the principles of how a woman’s reproductive cycle works and how it should be honored by understanding God’s design for relationships, sex, and marriage. 


Healthy Relationships – Clients and their partners can join a multi-week course geared towards teaching them about the importance of healthy relationships. Clients will learn God’s design for relationships, their worth in Christ, and how to break unhealthy patterns in their own lives. 


Group Education Classes – Monthly classes are offered in a group setting that focus on life and motherhood education. Class topics include Pre and Post Natal health education as well as other important topics to help empower our clients. 


Bright Course/Baby Boutique – At Hope, clients can participate in our Bright Course program. Bright Course is a curriculum, in English and Spanish, video-streaming service for providers who want to help their clients learn about topics such as prenatal care, parenting, relationships, life skills, and more. As a client participates in Bright Course she learns about critical issues, labor, preventing child abuse, breastfeeding, managing money, and so on, that will enable her to be successful as a parent. All classes are on site with a trained volunteer. At the end of their Bright Course journey our clients are invited to our Baby Boutique to select a variety of new or like new baby items such as car seats, pack-n-plays, strollers, clothes, diapers, wipes, baby toiletries, and many more. 


Bible Study – Bi-weekly Bible Studies are held at our center to allow our clients a change to engage in spiritual conversation and to learn more about Christ. These studies are wonderful opportunities for our clients to grow in relationship with one another, and with individuals who are apart of local churches.