Safe Relationships –   Clients are invited to read the book, “Safe People” by bestselling authors Dr.Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend and discuss the content one on one with staff or a volunteer. The book will help clients restructure their approach to relationships, help them to recognize and enjoy healthy relationships, and become a safe person for others as well.Clients will also be invited to view Bright Course videos on healthy relationships and healing from abuse. 


Bright Courses – Clients are invited to learn from our streaming curriculum, offered in English and Spanish. A wide range of topics is available including prenatal care, parenting, finances, relationships, life skills, relationship issues, Bible study and more. All videos are viewed on site and include discussion with a trained volunteer 


Baby Shower/Boutique – At the end of their Bright Course curriculum our clients that are preparing for parenting are invited to our Baby Boutique to select a variety of brand new baby items such as car seats, strollers, clothing, diapers, wipes, baby toys and toiletries, more. 


Your Choice to Heal – – Clients who have experienced abortion are invited to begin a healing journey, working one on one with the same staff or volunteer over 12 weeks. Clients read a book, “Her Choice to Heal” with guided discussion. Devotions are sent home each week with the client and clients will be offered a bible during the 12 weeks. This book has a clear gospel presentation and clients will be invited to begin a relationship with Jesus. 


Break Free in 2023 – – – Clients will be invited to participate in a half day Saturday program with brunch focusing on healthy relationships and healthy choices led by a trained volunteer from a partnering church