Prior to coming to HOPE, I felt scared and confused about my pregnancy. [My] baby’s father was abusive and had taken me to an abortion clinic, but when I got there, I was unable to go through with it. I had no clue what HOPE was or did, but I cam across HOPE as I was looking for some place or someone who would help me during my pregnancy.

This was my first pregnancy, and I was desperate for guidance and support. When I first arrived at HOPE, I met with one of the volunteers – or angels as I like to call them – and my initial sit-down with her literally changed my life. I was reassured that MY decision to keep my baby was one I could do, and that I wouldn’t be alone. She made me feel brave and strong. As cliché as it might sound, I left the house full of “hope”. I walked out with material items, but even better, HOPE paid for my first doctor’s visit. I was twenty weeks pregnant and had not been to the doctor once, because my job didn’t offer insurance and I didn’t qualify for Medicaid. I don’t know how I will ever repay them for that.

I was and still am in shock and disbelief that a complete stranger would help me the way that they did. I cried the entire way home and told all of my loved ones about my visit. What HOPE does for struggling mothers and children in the community: it must be the work of the Lord.

Even more than the material support, HOPE has given me strength. I am reminded how strong I am and that my situation would be tough for anyone. But I can do it. I am a single mom who left her abuser, but I’m not alone.

My son is now over four months old, and the support form HOPE continues. I participate in the Friends in HOPE mentoring program and am matched with a beautiful single mom who has a son my age and has been with me every step of the way. A donor to HOPE provided a free photo shoot and I was able to get professional pictures of my son and me. My job had to cut my salary, and HOPE prayed for me and helped with extra baby items. Now I have a new job with benefits, praise God.

Because of your financial support to HOPE, there is a place for people like me to turn to when they have no where else to turn. A place where I gained a whole new family. A place where they do the work of the Lord and share His hope.