When I became pregnant unexpectedly. I was literally alone and had nowhere to turn. My family is from outside of the country, and I live here isolated with a special needs son who I partially blind. Then someone referred me to Hope.

My doctor assumed I would want to schedule an abortion because of my difficult situation. He asked how it would be possible for me to raise another child alone in my circumstances. But all I could think was that I wanted to protect the life of my baby, no matter what.

It was a challenging pregnancy since I had placenta privia. I was not able to renew my insurance that year, so everything was very expensive. The entire pregnancy I was in pain. A couple of times I spent the night in the ER because I was bleeding and it looked like the placenta privia might cause me to lose the baby. Every time I was there the medical personnel asked me if I wanted to abort the baby. They said it could save my life. Thankfully, God gave me the strength to say no.

At one point during my pregnancy, I decided I should place the baby up for adoption. I called a couple of places and made the appointments. I didn’t think I could take care of this new baby because I already had a son with multiple disabilities, and I had no one here to support me.

Before I came to hope I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live. No one would help me.

I remember the first time I stepped into the Hope office. I felt so bad and guilty. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was there. I had no other options.

From the beginning the person who took care of me was so kind. T think she knew how I was feeling. My soul was broken. She told me to choose whatever maternity clothes I wanted. She gave me a plan of what to expect form Hope during and after my pregnancy. She gave me hope and confidence that day, and the most lovely hug that put all my pieces back together.

My daughter Rebecca was born happy and healthy. Hope supported me in every way possible. I still meet with the woman I met my first day at Hope The people at Hope are sensitive and caring. God bless their hearts for caring for families like ours.

I feel like I have two lives – my life before I had Hope and my life after. We are so happy today. My son has learned how to deal with his little sister. She understands him as well. I can’t believe I made it. I know it was thanks to the support I received from Hope due to your generosity.