“Hope has made a tremendous impact on my life in ways I could never explain. I first learned about Hope about six years ago. I came when they were helping my friend’s mom in a time of great need. Not only did they help her, but the also offered me help for my oldest son. I learned that Hope was truly there to help, not to judge.

“Fast forward five years later to 2018, when I became pregnant with my son, Legend. I was not expecting to become pregnant, and I did not know if I would keep my baby. I was not in the best situation in life at the time, and I was scared. I had to decide whether of not to have my baby. I prayed and prayed and wondered what I had done to deserve this. I cried myself to sleep every night and worried for months about how I could take cane of another child. Would I be able to love him the way he deserved to be loved?

“Then God gave me an unexpected blessing. It had been years since my last visit, but Hope happened to check in with me. They drove down to meet me and let me know I was not alone. The Lord gave me signs to know that I could do this, and that he had never left me.

“From that point on Hope has been my blessing form God. They have helped me spiritually, mentally, and financially. Legend is now a year old, and I am so thankful that he is here.

Hope has been my support when now one else was, and it’s all because of you, donors. Hope in Northern Virginia, and you, its treasured donors, will always be a part of my family”