When I became pregnant unexpectedly. I was literally alone and had nowhere to turn. My family is from outside of the country, and I live here isolated with a special needs son who I partially blind. Then someone referred me … Continued


Prior to coming to HOPE, I felt scared and confused about my pregnancy. [My] baby’s father was abusive and had taken me to an abortion clinic, but when I got there, I was unable to go through with it. I … Continued


I want to share my story about what Hope in Northern Virginia has done in my life, not only to thank all of you, but so that other young women like myself might be inspired. I was only eighteen years … Continued


“Hope has made a tremendous impact on my life in ways I could never explain. I first learned about Hope about six years ago. I came when they were helping my friend’s mom in a time of great need. Not … Continued


When I found out that I was pregnant, I froze with disbelief.” After not feeling like herself for a few days, Em* took a pregnancy test. She couldn’t overcome the feeling that something was different, and she was right. Seventeen … Continued


Jen was born into a Chinese-American family at Arlington Hospital, right here in Falls Church. And while her family was not rich by any means, Jen grew up enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. But that comfort came with a high cost. … Continued